A leading underwriter in the digital asset space, Qubit offers Insurance Products by S&P A rated insurers. We strive to combine our expertise in both blockchain technology and insurance to provide customized insurance solutions for the Web3 ecosystem.

Contextualised underwriting

One of the key challenges faced by insurers while writing digital asset-related risks is the complexity of the risk. The lack of standardized industry best practices and the fast-changing technology make it difficult for insurers to apply a one-set-for-all risk assessment methodology, which often results in a long and complex underwriting process. To tackle this challenge, we have developed a comprehensive underwriting framework, comprised of technical and operational risk assessments, which enables us to contextualise our underwriting based on the unique business nature of each Web3 business.

Data-driven risk
assessment and pricing

One of the key challenges faced by To properly assess and price risks, we have built a comprehensive incident database to assist us in analysing past incidents in the crypto industry, including hacking events and operational mishaps, identifying loss factors, and quantifying the impacts on business operations. This enables us to identify common risk points and best practices so we encourage and reward “good” risks by offering differentiating premiums and coverages.

Dedicated and experienced team

To understand and provide digital asset insurance requires expertise in underwriting, risk assessment, blockchain technology and cybersecurity. Based in Hong Kong, Qubit is led by experienced insurance executives. We also have a dedicated R&D team, with expertise in both cybersecurity and digital assets. Our specialized knowledge in these areas enables us to be agile in responding to clients’ insurance needs and adapt swiftly to changes in the digital asset industry.We also appreciate the importance of staying up-to-date in the fast-paced industry. We have collaborated with major technology providers in the digital asset space to understand the underlying technology to stay ahead of the curve.

our team

Helen Ye

Chief Executive Officer

A well-recognized leader in the international (re)insurance industry, Helen brings to the team over 17 years of very successful experience across technical underwriting, risk management and management. Throughout her career, she is passionate about technology and always trying to bring innovative products and services to the industry.

Lawrence Chong

Chief Underwriting Officer

Lawrence is a positive, professional and result-oriented entrepreneur and executive with 19 years of experience combining Financial Lines & Cyber Insurance Underwriting, Insurtech Development and Portfolio Management with full Profit & Loss responsibilities.Being the Chief Underwriter, he spearheads the market by developing market-leading insurance products to address the pressing needs of Crypto companies. He has transformed strategic vision into tangible outcome.

Wendy Lee

Chief Comercial Officer

Wendy is a veteran in the insurance field, with more than two decades of experiences in underwriting, marketing, distribution, digital, customer service and operations across multiple countries and with companies like AIG, Ageas, and QBE over the years. She is well recognised for her leadership success and business acumen, demonstrated in growing agency business to pole position in Singapore, managing more than US$180m of business in Taiwan, leading digital transformation and driving the profitability of bancassurance business in Asia.

Long Xu

Executive Vice President
Chief Underwriting Officer, Underwriting

Long is a globally recognized and well accomplished industry leader with broad experience in both developed and emerging markets across all lines of business. He commenced his international insurance career with Marine Office of America (MOAC) of CNA in 1992 as a marine and energy claims adjuster. Since 1997 Long spent 15 years with Everest Re in the US, specializing in worldwide marine and energy reinsurance underwriting. Prior to joining Qubit, Long Xu led the International Business of China P&C Re, successfully building a portfolio of over $400 million.