The blockchain technology is widely accepted and expected to transform the financial services industry. Regulatory frameworks are being established to support this transformation and provide assurance for institutions to adopt blockchain technology.

Insurance requirements are common in these frameworks, aimed at safeguarding customer assets. To meet this requirement, we offer Digital Asset Custodial Risks Insurance, designed to protect custodians, exchanges, and asset managers as they secure their clients' assets.


Designated Premises Breach or Damage

Theft or physical loss of digital assets due to natural hazards or robbery at the designated premises where private keys are stored

Employee Fraud

Theft of digital assets due to fraudulent acts committed by employees

Third Party Computer Crime

Theft of digital assets due to an external breach or compromise of the security of the company’s computer system

Compromise of External Tech Service Provider

Theft of digital assets resulting from the breach or compromise of an external technology service provider, e.g. wallet solution provider


Quantum Computing

Breakdown or disruption of blockchain, e.g., 51% attacks

Kidnap, ransom or extortion

Theft committed by senior management of the company

Coverages may differ by specific policies. Please refer to the policy documents for detailed information on the coverage and exclusions of your policy.  


Application Submission

We will ask applicants to complete a proposal form and provide relevant operational policies, e.g. transaction and wallet management policies, for us to understand the technical set-up and operational controls of the applicants.

We understand it is essential for companies to obtain the right insurance coverage in a timely manner to meet their business needs. We are dedicated to making this process as streamlined as possible by working closely with our clients and their brokers. We take great pride in understanding the web3 ecosystem and different business models, and provide prompt feedback to clients’ asks.

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